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Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas VIP Only Pool Suites

hard rock hotel 1 interiors

Las Vegas’ Hard Rock resort is freshly remodeled and ready to accommodate its VIP guests. The new modern design of the hotel is made by Mark Tracy of Las Vegas-based design studio Chemical Spaces. The re-designed one-of-a-kind pool suites aim at the young, hip and music-oriented people, so Chemical Spaces created four unique pool suites with their own separate theme. [via]

* Miami Blue Suite

The Miami Blue Suite is “the party suite” – hip and modern, in white and neon blue. Its luxurious features include a giant C-shaped bed, a solid-surface DJ table, a wall of turntables and jam boxes, custom designed furniture and custom Swedish rug.

hard rock hotel 2 interiors

hard rock hotel 3 interiors

hard rock hotel 4 interiors

hard rock hotel 5 interiors

* Gorilla Suite

Gorilla Suite is a darker urban remake on a cigar bar. The most notable thing about the Gorilla Suite is the paneling – Wenge wood, cut into various shapes with metal features plus metallic-silver porcelain wall tiles. The custom croc-skin furniture, the bronze mirrored ceilings and the hand-painted walls make this suite extremely savage.

hard rock hotel 6 interiors

hard rock hotel 7 interiors

hard rock hotel 8 interiors

hard rock hotel 9 interiors

* Punk Rock Suite

This London-style, bold punk suite offers bands of recessed mirrors, hand-painted lines and walls, grey wall paneling, black hardwood floors, custom furniture (of course), and a custom hand-made Union Flag rug. Filled with action, the Punk Rock Suite well deserves its name.

hard rock hotel 10 interiors

hard rock hotel 11 interiors

hard rock hotel 12 interiors

* Tree Line Suite

The design of this modern suite revolves around “the tree concept” – starting from the illusion of a two-story tree line in the center, the designers built the rest of the interior around this motif. The nature-theme is completed by the cream-colored textured wall panels, while the deep blue ceiling with hand-painted smoke, leaves and skulls, reminds us it’s still a party suite.

hard rock hotel 13 interiors

hard rock hotel 14 interiors

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