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Laltrogiorno Layouts By Tumidei

shelf interiors

This week, website wise, why not have a little flick through the pages of . Its a bold company that offers a selection of what they call “layouts”, these are bespoke designs for whole rooms that can include shelves, mirrors, headboards and flooring.

On their website they say that what the company does is; ” Design up to the centimeter. Tubes and molds, plans and shelves, cut with the dimensions and forms you like most”.

Here is an example of one of the room layouts they have completed already

flowers interiors

Anyone who likes bold colors will also find the website interesting because many of Tumidei’s designs rely heavily on the use of block color and big bold panels of bright colors like turquoise and magenta pink.

turq interiors

Much like a bespoke suit from London’s Saville Row, these rooms are unique spaces designed specifically for the buyer and are made to fit in with the persons life in a seamless and functional way.

bedroom interiors

The above room has many of Tumidei’s signature design characteristics like the under the bed table that pulls in and out or the illuminated linear shelves on the back wall. As you can see from all the images the pieces produced by the company are not only innovative but are crafted in a high quality and precise way so that every item slots into the space perfectly.

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