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The Universal Fireplaces from MetalFire, Stylish Heating

metalfire universal fireplace 1 interiors

Although they seem to be a tradition from the past, modern fireplaces seem to make it to more and more into modern minimalist homes. But check out MetalFire’s fireplaces that bring in a new concept that embraces today’s living environment. Combining a minimal design with maximum heating pleasure and absolute safety, the Universal models seem to be the perfect solution for any stylish interior. With the hearth fully made of black cast iron with fluted small stripes and featuring a sliding fire-screen made of wire mesh, it can certainly turn into the main focal point of any room. Don’t you think? [via MetalFire]

metalfire universal fireplace 2 interiors

metalfire universal fireplace 3 interiors

metalfire universal fireplace 4 interiors

metalfire universal fireplace 5 interiors

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