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Alessi Attacks Again!

Wow, check this out. The well known and much loved kitchen brand Alessi has only gone and created this stunning kitchen unit.

alessi1 kitchen

Finished with a high gloss shine, this piece is really bang on trend, add to that the striking bright red of the unit and it’s up there as a must have for design fiends around the world.

alessi2 kitchen

Also notice the way they have incorporated all the things Alessi is famous for into the design of the kitchen; the rounded odd shapes, the bold color, the quality finish and of course the mixture of classic and modern.

alessi3 kitchen

The unit will probably work best in an open plan room like the one in the photo because it shows off the shape and form of the unit to the maximum. But, don’t forget guys that Alessi also sell cool quirky accessories for all rooms in the home so if you don’t fancy coughing up for a whole kitchen just bring a little of the Alessi Magic to your existing kitchen with a few things like a clock and a vase, or a bowl and some utensils!

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