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Fabre’s Imago+

imago hood kitchen

If you were thinking there is no where else to put a TV in the kitchen, Faber has something new for you. It’s the Imago+ and it is way more than a TV. The Imago+ is a hood unlike any other. With a built in 19″ LCD TV, it is no doubt this will be the most envy inspiring product in your kitchen. It features Internet, video call, home monitoring, a multimedia player, USB ports, analog and digital tuners, and it’s HDTV ready, too! Those are some real bonus features when it comes to a kitchen hood.

imago kitchen

The Imago+ hood is not just for looks it does it’s main job as a hood very well. The hood is stainless steel and glass with electronic controls featuring a remote control. Three LED lights give you plenty of light right where you need it, on the stove. Find out more about this inventive useful multi-media hood and more of it’s features at Fabre.


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