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Modern Kitchen: Essential Wind by Toncelli


Cooking can be exciting and futuristic! Essential Wind from Toncelli has a sleek linear design that resembles a laboratory and certainly adds new feeling to food preparation. The  modern kitchen is divided in two areas – cooking and stove area, both made of smooth stainless steel and natural stone gray quartzite. The central island also has two areas – a sink and some space for food preparation on one side, and on the other – a lowered stone dining table. A hidden LED illumination makes the modern kitchen even more futuristic by glowing from behind a marble-like panel. Toncelli offer their cabinets in various finishes (color, wood, steel), so that the Essential Wind can be easily customized according to your  modern style.


essential wind toncelli 3 kitchen

essential wind toncelli 4 kitchen

essential wind toncelli 5 kitchen

essential wind toncelli 6 kitchen

essential wind toncelli 7 kitchen

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