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Wow: Japanese Kitchens From Toyo

japanese babylon kitchen kitchen

Toyo Kitchens are more than just kitchens. They are art. they are sculpture and they are luxury design all rolled into one product for the home.

Toyo Kitchens have some of the most decadent and stylish kitchen designs anywhere in the world. They are a Japanese company which have proved to be very popular amongst discerning design enthusiasts from Tokyo to London for many years now. Customers have been wooed by their inspiring interiors, their unique style and their  top quality bespoke products.

japanese byblos kitchen kitchen

One of their best kitchen’s has to be the INO meulable. With this kitchen you get a fabulous splash of luxury with crystal encrusted handles on the streamlined units!

This is what Toyo has to say about the INO line:

“ Every handle is fully embellished with Swarovski crystal rhinestones and is designed like kitchen jewelry to highlight your space.”

This kitchen is perfect for people who like the idea of making sure that visitors will be in no doubt about just how high quality and how pricey the furniture in their home is!

Having said that, the kitchens aren’t garish or loud in any way. The crystals are like the icing on a beautifully well crafted cake and even without the shimmering jewels the kitchen is pretty spectacular on it’s own.

Perhaps the success of Toyo is partly down to their inherent understanding of modern life and their knowledge of what a kitchen needs to incorporate in order to enhance the lives of the people who own it.

Here is what Toyo have to say about the ethos behind their designs:

“Communication has become one of the functions kitchen has to provide, and this role now takes root in society.   In addition, what Toyo Kitchen Style believes necessary for kitchen is to be beautiful, as it occupies an important place in our living space.”

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