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Giuko XXL Floor Lamp, The Modern Art of Lighting

giuko xxl floor lamp 1 lighting

Modern furniture designers have been have been considering new aspects for the alluring subject of light. Illuminated furniture is undergoing renaissance and a great example is the amazing Giuko XXL Floor Lamp – an elegant combination between fantasy and contemporary sober shapes. Designed by Andrea Lazzari, the lamp stands on an aluminum base, features a satin white glass diffuser and an ebony ring, and creates the illusion of light floating in the air. We’re sold on the design, but the $2,599 price makes it a difficult buy. What do you think?

giuko xxl floor lamp 2 lighting

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2 Comments so far to “Giuko XXL Floor Lamp, The Modern Art of Lighting”
  1. Tremaine Harris Says:

    The hovering effect is beautiful ,quite unique, and I love the artistic sculptural effect this light brings to an interior.

  2. James Says:

    I agree, the price tag is very prohibitive. Other than that, its very cool.

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