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Lampadesign’s illuminating “Illuminati”

lampadesigncom lighting

Lampadesign is a relatively young design studio with bright ideas. Bright – yes, you can assume that literally: Lampadesign has created a charming lamp collection called “Illuminati”. The design is impressive, yet is easy to join, as each model is composed of hand-twisted modules made by plastics, methacrylate, high flex, pvc, and other similar materials. The series consists of lighting, abat-jour and floor lamps in two series – Normal (20–100 cm. size) or Giant (100cm. Up), customizable by both size and color. Whether you choose a white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, transparent, silver, gold or black lamp for your home, the effect will be great and the atmosphere – unique.

lampadesigncom4 lighting

lampadesigncom3 lighting

lampadesigncom2 lighting

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One comment so far to “Lampadesign’s illuminating “Illuminati””
  1. francesca Says:

    I think the designer of the module/lamp is the Danish Holger Strom and a TM was deposited for the idea…
    The producer is IQ light.
    How is it possble that other people sell a TM of someone else?

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