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Modern Lighting By Modo Luce

modoluce1 lighting has got some absolutely brilliant lights in stock right now.

Modo Luce is an Italian company and its products bare all of the trademarks Interior lovers have come to expect from an item with ‘designed in Italy’ written on it.

Before we have a peek at one of their best products, it is worth looking into the ethos behind Modo Luce. They describe themselves like this:

“Young and essential style featuring great luminosity,low power consumption and long-life.

Stimulating colors that give energy for those who seek objects that give life to emotions and interpret trends. Contemporary lines for modern and functional spaces.”

Although brief, this short description of Modo Luce as a business addresses most of the things that make it that bit different to any old lighting company.

Now to the fun part…The products!

Below is one of their most exciting and innovative lights called the Loto.

Its charming, its ground braking, its intriguing but it has echoes of classic and traditional style.

modoluce loto 1 lighting

It seems as though the whole design of the Loto light shade was drawn from the standard rounded triangle shape pleated shades that are so common on table lamps around the world. That design was then exaggerated and taken a step further which eventually lead to these fantastic over-sized pleated shades that sit on the Loto pendant light.

This particular light is great for people that want to ‘do’ modern in their homes but feel they might miss the comfort and softness of a traditional interior.

In the photo these lights are hanging over a table but they would look even more spectacular placed over a gorgeous reading chair snuggled into the corner of the room.

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  1. nancy manning Says:

    Do you know if Modo Luce products are available in the US?

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