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Orten’zia Pendant Light

ortenzia silver lightingTerzani, who develops lighting as sculptures, has created their own take on the pendant light. The Orten’zia, created by Bruno Rainaldi, is both stunning and a working lighting fixture. With petal like discs creating the circular light, it is reminiscent of the ever popular disco globe Dancing, only much more elegant. This could be one unique bedroom or dining room pendant light. It is quite exquisite in it’s simple form.

The Orten’zia Pendant is 19.7″Dx75″ and is available in silver or very very gold. This light, with what appears to us to be 4 leaf clovers covering it, is a welcomed addition to any contemporary room.

ortenzia gold lighting

If you want a cool, hip, unique light or you just want to add “pop” to a blahze’ room; this is absolutely the light for you. To get yours Orten’zia Pendant Light contact Ylighting.

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