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Out-of-this-world luminaires by Studio Italia Design

lamp1 lighting

Like something from a fairytale or from the bottom of the ocean here is Kapp So lamp series by Studio Italia Design. The high-end lighting fixtures series consists of 4 lamps – one adjustable suspension luminaire and 3 wall mounted luminaires with various shape and number of the diffusers. Each low-voltage lamp is made of a chrome frame with blown glass diffusers, resembling to a flame or to a sea creature’s tentacle. These unique diffusers, hand-made by Murano Masters in transparent crystal come in two color options – in clear crystal or red. Although they look aerial, the luminaries are pretty heavy – physically and for the budget: the suspension luminaire weights about 40kg and is worth over $8,000. But it’s worth every dollar, don’t you think?

lamp0 lighting

lamp2 lighting

lamp3 lighting

lamp4 lighting

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One comment so far to “Out-of-this-world luminaires by Studio Italia Design”
  1. lil Says:

    it doesnt look that fairytale looking to me…and it’s way overpriced.

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