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Owindo Eye Light

owindo eye pendant lighting

This unusually beautiful light is a product of Owindo. It’s elegant interesting design will make for an incredible art piece, on or off. Owindo makes their products to be combinations of decoration and illumination. The Eye comes as a pendant lamp, floor lamp and wall lamp. The variety of lamp types makes this design capable of fitting into any location you desire high quality and design.

The lamp can best be described just as the name states, an eye. The lights have the appearance of little eyes looking at whatever you have them pointed toward. Very creativeWinking. The lamps come in either gold or silver and can be found at Owindo. Contact them for more information and to learn how you can have an Eye in your home. 

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  1. brad Says:

    So beautiful and classy. I love it. I just bought a Sputnik pendant lamp from this store http://www.justhomedecor.com/e.....hp?cat=495. I think they have a same design concept.

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