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Ra Table Lamp

ra table lamp lighting

This lamp makes us think of Sci-Fi. The long coiling body is very reminiscent of Stargate SG-1, or a cool two headed snake. But this out of this world lamp, is actually a very stunning lamp with two unique adjustable arms. The light is transmitted through fiber optics and has three included filters. The light filters come in colors of red, green and blue; letting you change the beam color.

ra lamp lighting

Ra, designed by Ettore Cimini, is made out of steel and technopolymers and has a touch dimmer control. This high tech table lamp is ideal for an office space or work table that needs specific light points. Get more information about this interesting lamp at Lumina.


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  1. brad Says:

    I love this lamp. Very decorative and gorgeous. Another address for your lamp searching http://www.justhomedecor.com/e.....hp?cat=319

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