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The Sticklight By Michael Young

michaelyoungsticklight1 lighting

The Sticklight is a chic and innovative light created by the designer Michael Young and it is ideal for bringing some understated drama and urban style into your home.

The first sticklights designed by Young were sold through Eurolounge a decade ago and the release of the newest edition of the light is meant to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the iconic design.

The differences between this edition of the lamp and the first are that the new one can be used both indoors and out and has a base fitted so now it is able to stand freely in the middle of a room or in the garden.

michaelyoungsticklight2 lighting

With its futuristic design, and other-worldly shapes it is worth pondering just where a designer might get the inspiration for an object like this. From nature, sci-fi movies or maybe even 1950’s style? No one knows, but what is clear is that this light would bring a touch of class to any interior whether its in the office or in a home environment.

michaelyoungsticklight3 lighting

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