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HDF Giveaway: Parker Table Torchiere by Jonathan Adler

croftandlittlelamp news eventsThis light is part of the newest collection from Jonathan Adler.  The Parker Table lamp is made from polished nickel with a carrara marble base.  Check out the Jonathan Adler collection and choose your favorite two from the collection at Croft and Little.  Continue reading to find out how to win for free.   Value:  $295

To qualify for the giveaway from Home Design Find, you must find, subscribe, and comment.

  1. Find and choose the item that you’d love to have in your home from Croftandlittle.com
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  3. Comment on this page and include a link to the (2) items you would buy for your home

It’s as simple as that to win.  The contest will end August 4, 2008 at 11:59p.m.  The Winner will be announced the day after.  Be sure to check each day because the winner could be you.  Let all your friends know to give them a chance to win also.  Good luck from the Home Design Find team!

Contest Rules

  • Prizes will only be given to recipients in the US and Canada.  Sorry international readers.
  • You can only sign up for our newsletter ONCE.  No double entries.
  • The winner will need to get in touch with HDF within ONE WEEK of the announcement of the winner in order to receive their prize.  Failure to repond to email or newsletter message that you won the prize will result in a forfeit of the prize to somone else

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7 Comments so far to “HDF Giveaway: Parker Table Torchiere by Jonathan Adler”
  1. M48 Says:

    i love this table torchiere!! the design is def appealing! i also really like the parker floor lamp http://www.croftandlittle.com/rob-s661.html as well as the tray table floor lamp http://www.croftandlittle.com/rob-652.html

  2. Rhonda Martin Says:

    This is so beautiful and would be perfect on the wall beside my computer. That area of my living room is dark and I find my eyes getting tired quickly.
    And this would match the wall lamp and look great in the middle of the living room ceiling.
    I have already subscribed to the HDF newsletter. Thanks

  3. Elizabeth M. Says:

    That is a gorgeous lamp! I found some more things I like:

    Presidio Tryne 18 inch ceiling fixture

    Summit Chandelier

    I do subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Rhonda Mason Says:

    What a beautiful lamp! I also like these:
    I am also subscribing. Thanks!

  5. Mary Says:

    Of course, the matching wall sconces would look fantastic flanking my dining room sideboard – http://www.croftandlittle.com/rob-s662.html, but I’m also loving the adorable Giraffe sconce – http://www.croftandlittle.com/rob-730x.html. Can’t you see it in a little kid’s reading nook?

    And I just subscribed. HDF has also been on my feed list for a month, and I’ve really been enjoying all the stuff you find for us. So thanks!

  6. bob Says:

    HHI6PH hi nice site thanx http://peace.com

  7. Supply Chain Says:

    Great looking lamp it would look great in someones hose. Thanks for sharing the information by the way

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