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BoxOffice Invention Available Through MyFab

BoxOffice2 storage organization
If you work at home, it can be rather exhausting seeing your workspace at all hours of the day or night. The solution: Climb into a suitcase for work, and close it up afterward.
BoxOffice1 storage organizationHere’s a solidly constructed mini office space that all folds out of the 20″ deep BoxOffice.  You can truly put it out of sight when you are not using it.

Rather than rent a whole other room – or a larger apartment, with this suitcase style BoxOffice, you’d have a mini office you can forget about at night when you have friends over for dinner or just want to put the day’s work out of sight. At just $1,800 that’s a cheap room.

The 20″ deep aluminum BoxOffice that locks up securely and neatly when not in use is the brilliant idea of designer Toshihiko Hazama – who lives in Japan – where space is at a premium.

His invention will be available through Myfab; the innovative manufacturing and sales company I’ve written about here before.
BoxOffice3 storage organization
With a full factory floor, MyFab allows high end industrial product designers to get their ideas professionally manufactured at high quality and sold at factory prices direct to consumers through the internet.

Normally, right out of design school – designers must go to work for larger companies first. Most designers thus don’t see the rewards of their breakthrough ideas. This business model enables the innovative to cash in on their ideas and yet still get them to consumers at “farmers market” prices.

Source: Treehugger

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