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    How To Make A Small Room Work For You

    Good things come in small packages as the old saying goes. The same thing is true of interior decoration, some of the most innovative, unique and attractive designs work not just well, but better in a small space.

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    Voyage Bed

    Sail away in comfort and style to a great nights sleep in the Voyage Bed. The open feel is created by the transparent weaving of Buri (core of coconut leaf). This leads to a cozy cocoon when in the bed. Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, the voyage bed is made in an indoor and outdoor version.

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    If you have a room that needs to perform a dual purpose as in an office and a guest bedroom the LiftBed is a much needed piece of furniture. Unlike the Murphy beds that fold out of a vertical position, the LiftBed slides effortlessly out the ceiling. When the Liftbed is not in use no […]

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