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How To Make A Small Room Work For You

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Good things come in small packages as the old saying goes. The same thing is true of interior decoration, some of the most innovative, unique and attractive designs work not just well, but better in a small space.

The photo below demonstrates a really good use of actually quite a small and awkward room. The space maybe small but it has all the components needed for a comfortable living room: An armchair, a sofa, a coffee table, a rug, a plant and a couple of side tables. The great aspect to this room is the fact it doesn’t look or feel cluttered and cramped.

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The bathroom in the photo below is an amazing demonstration of how using mirrors and glass can open up a small enclosed area. The man behind this glass-walled bathroom is Benjamin Ortiz, a Manhattanite who knows himself that city living can be pretty squashed! The room almost looks like a trick of the eye but in fact it is a kind of 2 for 1 bathroom with both the left and the right bathrooms operating on their own.

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There is a new idea knocking around that using a piece of over-sized furniture in a small space makes the room seem bigger. This particular photo is from Apartment Therapy. The giant bed shows off the height of the tall ceiling and makes the room seem spacious and airy.

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