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  • Thumbnail image of Design Dilemma: High-Style Closet Systems

    Design Dilemma: High-Style Closet Systems

    There’s a reason why closets usually have doors. It’s because many closets across the country are an unholy mess of shoes, clothes, old boxes, purses — all jumbled together into one large heap. We rely on doors to shut away all the disorder. With the advent of chic new closet systems, however, that’s beginning to change. […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Mazzali Xian Wardrobe

    Mazzali Xian Wardrobe

    A wardrobe is a beautiful storage solution for anyone needing more space in the bedroom. The Xian Wardrobe, by Mazzali, completes this function as well as adds a bit of class to the room. This elegant furniture is a little over 8.6 ft tall, making it large enough for all of your clothing needs. Well […]

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