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Design Dilemma: High-Style Closet Systems

There’s a reason why closets usually have doors. It’s because many closets across the country are an unholy mess of shoes, clothes, old boxes, purses — all jumbled together into one large heap. We rely on doors to shut away all the disorder.

With the advent of chic new closet systems, however, that’s beginning to change. There are high-end systems and low-end systems, ranging from  California Closets to Ikea.  You can usually find a system at any price point to help bring order to your messy closet. Here are a few ideas from the Italians, who have a long history of creating wardrobe systems that are both functional and beautiful. They’re so pretty inside, you won’t even have to close the closet door!

Below, the Gliss 5th, made by Molteni & C , has been designed with a metal back consisting of an unbroken sequence of horizontal grooves. The backing allows you to arrange and rearrange internal accessories to fit your needs as your wardrobe changes.  The system comes in wengé, natural and grey oak, or in gloss or matte lacquer finishes. The handles and all the inserts are in acetate and doors are available as sliders or on hinges. Prices vary depending on the configuration chosen.

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Also from the Italians comes the S-52 from Europeo. Known for gorgeous wardrobes and closet systems that border on art, Europeo has created a system below featuring a hanging rack that folds out for easy access. Mirrored sliding doors are jewel-like when closed. It sells for about 3,654 Euros (or about $4,700).

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From Italian manufacturer Lema comes the extendable mirror. It can be pulled out of the closet when it’s needed and folded neatly back inside when it’s not. It sells for 240 Euro (or about $300).

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How about this: a trouser hanger that pulls out of a closet for easy access? It’s available through Rimadesio, an Italian company that offers a wide array of walk-in closet and sliding systems for the organizationally-challenged.

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Got an extra deep closet space? Consider the design of Massimo De Luca for Albed. Ingeniously using a series of sliding panels, the system will maximize your closet space while keeping clothes and shoes handy.

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