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  • Thumbnail image of Designer Kitchen Hoods by Pando Evolution Line

    Designer Kitchen Hoods by Pando Evolution Line

    Kitchen appliances may look really jaw-dropping, just like these amazing Pando Evolution Line’s creations. The modern kitchen hood series not only provide powerful aspiration, but also serves as a decorative piece that instantly turns your regular kitchen into a designer kitchen. To suit your needs best, Pando offer customized exhaused hood designs with different sizes, […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Elica Space Hood

    Elica Space Hood

    The new Space hood’s main feature is the patented Elica Deep Silence technology. This the first one by Elica to boast this cool feature. The Elica Deep Silence (EDS3) is a noise reduction technology, that means even when using the fan on the Space you will still be able to hear and have conversations around […]

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