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Designer Kitchen Hoods by Pando Evolution Line

panda kitchen hoods 1

Kitchen appliances may look really jaw-dropping, just like these amazing Pando Evolution Line’s creations. The modern kitchen hood series not only provide powerful aspiration, but also serves as a decorative piece that instantly turns your regular kitchen into a designer kitchen. To suit your needs best, Pando offer customized exhaused hood designs with different sizes, finishes, motors and optional remote controls. You wouldn’t mind such a play of light, shade and shine in your kitchen, would you?

panda kitchen hoods 2

panda kitchen hoods 3

panda kitchen hoods 4

panda kitchen hoods remote

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One comment so far to “Designer Kitchen Hoods by Pando Evolution Line”
  1. Fuetterer Says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
    Your kitchen Hood might be a very good decoration , but if you once cooked you know, that the first steam, fatty steam or even smoke will appear in a cover on your device which is most difficult or even not possible to clean completely

    Please comment
    truly yours
    Gerhard Fuetterer

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