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  • Thumbnail image of Ombre Portée’s hanging jewels

    Ombre Portée’s hanging jewels

    Rain of light pouring from the ceiling? Well not exactly, but very, very close. The suspension lamps by Ombre Portée shower the room with light, fantasy forms and genuine style. White lacquered wood, steel rods, glass beads, transparent plastic pieces and feathers interweave to create these wonderful artistic luminaires. Each of them uses LEDs with integral […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Yellow Goat Design’s Custom Lights

    Yellow Goat Design’s Custom Lights

    Yellow Goat Design is a lighting company that creates unbelievable lighting for residential and business areas. There lighting is sure to be something you have never seen before. Here are few of that peaked our interest, simply delicious. This cookie cutter designed light is the Cookie. It’s made with heat formed glossy red acrylic sections. […]

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