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Yellow Goat Design’s Custom Lights

Yellow Goat Design is a lighting company that creates unbelievable lighting for residential and business areas. There lighting is sure to be something you have never seen before. Here are few of that peaked our interest, simply delicious.

cookie light lighting

This cookie cutter designed light is the Cookie. It’s made with heat formed glossy red acrylic sections. This large (1200mm dia x 450mm tall) is a wonderful attention getter for any commercial property.


egg light lighting

 The Egg is a comprised of various sized crystals hanging from fine nylon threads. The reflective crystals cause a magnitude of light reflections. The design creates the illusion of an awesome (1200mm long x 900mm deep.) delicate floating egg.


sticks donut light lighting

A perfectly made lounge light is the Stick Donut. It’s made in the shape of a donut with what appears to be drumsticks going straight through. This unique light has a clear acrylic diffuser that allows the shadows of the sticks to show through the donut body. Lounge by the light of the “Stick Donut”.


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