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  • Thumbnail image of New American Home – new heights for household electronics

    New American Home – new heights for household electronics

    Modern technologies can do amazing things for our house. The half-acre New American Home in Vegas is a good example – lavishly equipped with all kinds of hi-tech gadgets, this posh house is the new offspring of several select tech companies, including Microsoft. 10 Toshiba HDTV’s, Kohler bathtubs, Nuvo audio systems, Anthem A/V processors and […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Turati T4 Totem 160

    Turati T4 Totem 160

    In the age of oversized plasma and LCD televisions, this TV stand by Turati makes the television even more eye catching. Using an exclusive Cromocolor technology, the Totem has a backlighting panel. It works using a Triplo remote allowing total control of your preferred light effect effect and coordinating electronics. The back light changes color […]

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