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Turati T4 Totem 160

totem 160 tech gadgets

In the age of oversized plasma and LCD televisions, this TV stand by Turati makes the television even more eye catching. Using an exclusive Cromocolor technology, the Totem has a backlighting panel. It works using a Triplo remote allowing total control of your preferred light effect effect and coordinating electronics. The back light changes color in a smooth gradual effect. How cool! This is sure to give a relaxing movie watching experience.

Keeping with the theme of beauty and ease of use, all your accessory equipment is hidden away in a cabinet provided with the TV stand. All the equipment is controlled using the Triplo and the sensor on the cabinet. You think you like showing off your TV now, imagine showing it off with the Totem displaying it. Find out more information at Turati T4.

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