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  • Thumbnail image of Design Dilemma: Choosing A Floor

    Design Dilemma: Choosing A Floor

    Wood. Linoleum. Tile. Carpet. When it comes to choosing floor coverings, the options are many, and growing all the time. Ever considered cork, seagrass, poured resins or engineered woods? You should. So if it’s time to choose a floor covering for your home and you find yourself stuck, here are 10 options: 1.) Solid Wood. A classic choice, […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Ceramica Sant’Agostino Carpet Collection

    Ceramica Sant’Agostino Carpet Collection

    The carpet collection is actually the name of a tile collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino. The tiles are a fibrous surface that is great for flooring as well as a wall covering. The subtle color changes of each tile gives it a carpet appearance. It seems to catch the light just as carpet does appearing almost three dimensional. […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Decorative Concrete Floors

    Decorative Concrete Floors

    When you think flooring, how often do you think concrete. Not often for the average “Joe’s” of the world. We often picture flooring as hardwood or tile, but never would have thought that the term concrete flooring could lead to the exquisite floors we have seen here from the Transparent House Team. Concrete is becoming […]

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