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Decorative Concrete Floors

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When you think flooring, how often do you think concrete. Not often for the average “Joe’s” of the world. We often picture flooring as hardwood or tile, but never would have thought that the term concrete flooring could lead to the exquisite floors we have seen here from the Transparent House Team. Concrete is becoming more and more mainstream in the design world, being used for flooring, counter tops, and decks. By using concrete as a flooring choice you have more flexibility over color, shape, textures, patterns and embeds. A good option for those who need a certain color or shape in an area. With all the advancements and concrete in the design world, it is becoming the most durable and cost effective choice today.

Floors made out of concrete are easily maintained and can create incredible visual effects. The Transparent House team has come up with an application to add gorgeous detail to concrete flooring. Concrete flooring no longer means a boring plain gray floor, it now will stand for stunning beauty. Learn more about the beauty of concrete flooring and see if you begin to wish for them.


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