Foscarini | Home Design Find - Part 2

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  • Thumbnail image of Fabulous Foscarini Lighting

    Fabulous Foscarini Lighting

    Foscarini is a lighting company that has been going strong since 1983 and they have some truly stunning items in many of their collections. Foscarini’s lighting products seem to embody all the things that make luxury lighting so impressive but they manage not to be over the top or vulgar at the same time. In […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Bubble Lamp

    Bubble Lamp

    We’d like to introduce you to the Bubble Lamp, by Foscarini. It is constructed by six polycarbonate light diffusers that create this unique delicate spherical design. A stunning lamp that appears to glow when it is turned on, due to the perfectly placed diffusers. Foscarini has a reputation as the fashion light brand, and the […]

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