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Fabulous Foscarini Lighting

tropico lighting foscarini lighting

Foscarini is a lighting company that has been going strong since 1983 and they have some truly stunning items in many of their collections.

Foscarini’s lighting products seem to embody all the things that make luxury lighting so impressive but they manage not to be over the top or vulgar at the same time.

In this post we will be focusing on one of their most popular light ranges Tropico which was created in collaboration with the designer Giulio Lacchetti.

tropico lighting foscarini 2 lighting

tropico lighting foscarini 3 lighting

Here is what Foscarini has to say about the Tropico lighting range

“Tropico is a modular system that enables the easy alteration of a mass produced product to create luminous hanging lamps in different shapes and sizes.  Inspired by traditional crystal chandeliers, Tropico is composed of a series of small faceted pieces that form a larger whole; like classic cut crystal, these pieces are capable of catching and throwing light and shadow in a magical fashion.”

Whilst the designer of the product Lacchetti said “Part of my vision was to suggest a lamp that was inspired by traditional Murano glass chandeliers—a bridge-building object that would be strongly rooted in the contemporary world but which would evoke a common memory and thus, a connection with the past,”

It seems that the partnership of Lacchetti and Foscarini was a match made in heaven because of the way their ideas fit together so well. Foscarini describe themselves as a company “Offering lighting designed to improve our environment, both in terms of aesthetic values and of quality of light, is the objective of Foscarini. The company is renowned for its innovation pursued through collaboration with high-profile designers, research and experimentation with materials. Founded in 1983 by Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato, Foscarini has a product-oriented corporate culture. Having the essential function of producing light, Foscarini’s lamps each exhibit a distinctive personality that shines whether it is illuminated or not.”

Visit Foscarini for more information

tropico lighting foscarini 4 lighting

tropico lighting foscarini 5 lighting

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  1. Madi Ferencz Says:

    this is both architectural and has texture. I cannot tell if it is floor lamp, but I love it.

  2. Pulit4 Says:

    wow, brilliant work!
    i think you will love to see http://www.delightfull.eu

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