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  • Thumbnail image of Shawn Lovell’s Beautiful Tree Bed

    Shawn Lovell’s Beautiful Tree Bed

    Today’s post is all about this wonderful fairytale bed straight from the design house of Shawn Lovell Metalworks. This is like a quirky, modern and creative take on the old fashioned four poster bed, but instead of plain old wooden posts Shawn Lovell has used a metal structure shaped like trees and twigs complete with […]

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  • Thumbnail image of T-Shirt Chair

    T-Shirt Chair

    The T-shirt chair actually looks like a T-shirt hanger. Cool, idea . The chair has a chromed steel base and Hirek® shell body. This neat looking chair comes in colors of red or black and is stackable for easy storage. We like that the color of the chair is matched with the stoppers on the […]

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