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Shawn Lovell’s Beautiful Tree Bed

shawnlovell treebed 1 bed bath

Today’s post is all about this wonderful fairytale bed straight from the design house of Shawn Lovell Metalworks.

This is like a quirky, modern and creative take on the old fashioned four poster bed, but instead of plain old wooden posts Shawn Lovell has used a metal structure shaped like trees and twigs complete with a random birds nest!

After graduating from CCAC with a degree in sculpture Shawn worked as an artists assistant and then proceeded to create her business Shawn Lovell Metalworks in 1996 when she set up shop in Oakland, California, USA.

From this picture below you can get an idea of the painstaking process that Shawn went through to make the Tree Bed into more than just an idea, but a solid structure.

shawnlovell treebed 2 bed bath

Every single Tree Bed is handmade so no two will ever be the same. Shawn uses traditional techniques and modern forging techniques to create this bed and all the other metalwork products that are available from her company website.

And yes, as a lot of readers probably will have already guessed, this item is pretty pricey.

In fact the Tree Bed sells for $15000, but bare in mind it isn’t just a bed it is a sculpture, a work of art and it will be custom built especially for you when you place your order.

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