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  • Thumbnail image of Oikos Synua Door

    Oikos Synua Door

    Now, here’s a door that should be talked about. Synua is a flushed steel-reinforced door built with a vertically balanced adjustable pin. In other words, it swings vertically open. It’s a new spin on the swinging door! The beautifully evolved design and customizable options make for one fabulous door . Synua can be customized just […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Systematica Kitchen

    Systematica Kitchen

    Oikos has designed a new modular kitchen. A kitchen that can be moved as you see fit, to any design you have in mind. The Systematica gives the freedom of never having to be stuck with a kitchen layout that you end up bored with. It is designed to be moved. Oikos offers an assortment […]

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