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Oikos Synua Door

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Now, here’s a door that should be talked about. Synua is a flushed steel-reinforced door built with a vertically balanced adjustable pin. In other words, it swings vertically open. It’s a new spin on the swinging door!

The beautifully evolved design and customizable options make for one fabulous door Applause. Synua can be customized just for the purchaser, from the panel covers to the available eight different wood grains; this door will fit your tastes and personality. It operates using Keytronics new automatic closing system. So, from the interior it opens with a push button and from the exterior a transponder key. It also has a handle that is flush with the coverings, how clever Winking. What else can be said about this door; it’s exquisite, functional and will have your neighbors envying you. What more could you ask you for? Oikos has the Synua on it’s products page and in their photo gallery, take a look at what can be your next door.

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2 Comments so far to “Oikos Synua Door”
  1. José Lopes Says:

    Boa tarde,
    Gostaria de obter informações sobre as portas Oikos Synua e preços.
    Somos uma empresa em Portugal.
    José Lopes

  2. HDF Says:

    @Jose – unfortunately we don’t sell any of the products on the site. Please follow the buy link to get more information from the manufacturer. Thanks

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