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  • Thumbnail image of “Garota do Calhau”, Outdoor and Indoor Furniture Collection

    “Garota do Calhau”, Outdoor and Indoor Furniture Collection

    A brand of international reference in design, Nini Andrade Silva is a Portuguese interior decorator renowned for designing several famous hotels around the world. Her latest design is an original outdoor  and indoor furniture collection that was inspired by the black rolling pebbles of Madeira Island. Dubbed “Garota do Calhau” (Girl of the Pebbles) it’s […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Loop Chair and Table

    Loop Chair and Table

    The Loop Chair most likely got its name from the fact that it’s made of one continuous loop of material. Accompanied by the side table, the chair really makes a design statement. This set is made for indoor or outdoor use because both items are made from an asbestos free cement bond called “Eternit”. You […]

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  • Thumbnail image of SA-Boo Lounger

    SA-Boo Lounger

    Outdoor entertaining and relaxing is getting a new elegant addition, the SA-Boo Lounger developed by Moban. Moban, Modern Outdoor Bangkok, is certain to be a welcomed name when it comes to the world of outdoor furniture. Their modern designs add elegance and sophistication to stunning outdoor furniture. Designed by Anon Pairot, the SA-Boo lounger is […]

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