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Loop Chair and Table

loop table and chair furniture 2The Loop Chair most likely got its name from the fact that it’s made of one continuous loop of material. Accompanied by the side table, the chair really makes a design statement. This set is made for indoor or outdoor use because both items are made from an asbestos free cement bond called “Eternit”. You can feel comfortable knowing that your furniture will not be effected by snow, rain, sun or hail.

The single person chair, designed by Willy Guhl, is molded to fit your body comfortably when seated. The cool side table gives plenty of surface space and also has two smartly incorporated cup holders. The small table fits nicely inside the Loop Chair for storage. Dimensions of the Loop Chair are 26″H x 21.5″W x 18″D and the seat height is 7″. These items would make an ideal choice for those seeking a modern clean outdoor seating area. Find out more at Mid-Century Modern.

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