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  • Thumbnail image of Haptic Speakers: Feel the Music Around, Literally

    Haptic Speakers: Feel the Music Around, Literally

    Parisian industrial designer Arnaud Lapierre is bringing about a whole new revolution in the way we perceive energy that surrounds us. His already famous Haptics design principles are now being applied to sound, to offer you MP3 speakers that are unlike anything else you have seen till now. While the first one is a beautiful […]

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  • Thumbnail image of 5th Corner- Stealth Acoustics

    5th Corner- Stealth Acoustics

    For music lovers and tech lovers alike, the eternal question has always been ” How can I play music around my entire house without my home turning into a pile of wires and ugly units?” Well, it looks like their prayers have been answered in the form of 5th Corner’s new speaker systems named Stealth […]

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