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5th Corner- Stealth Acoustics

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For music lovers and tech lovers alike, the eternal question has always been ” How can I play music around my entire house without my home turning into a pile of wires and ugly units?”

Well, it looks like their prayers have been answered in the form of 5th Corner’s new speaker systems named Stealth Acoustics. Every room is this post may look ordinary but they all have in fact got the Steal Acoustics system installed.5thcorner stealthacoustics2 tech gadgets

Forget ugly speakers and round mesh circles in the ceiling because as the name suggests this really is a stealth product. Designed deliberately so no one will even guess the room has a sound system, 5th Corner prides itself on discreet systems that won’t interfere with the design of a room and definitely won’t add any visual clutter.

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The loudspeaker in the Stealth Acoustics product has a large rigid frame which is actually set into the wall and attached to the structure of the building. After this the edge of the speaker is plastered to give a seamless finish between itself and the plasterboard of the wall. Once this is done the face of the speaker is then painted in the same color as the rest of the wall and there you have it: A completely invisible sound system is born!

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