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Lau Sun House

lau sun house architecture

The Lau Sun House was a lengthy project for Studio Kyson, taking 4 years to get completed. Besides that, it has already won many awards and acknowledgements. Built on a tiny awkward location on an inner London site the Lau Sun House is a remarkable home. Even though the home is surrounded on almost all sides by four adjacent homes, it still promotes privacy inside the homes interiors. Careful design has solved the security and privacy issues other homes would face in such a confounding site.

lau sun house 001 architecture

lau sun house 002 architecture

An amazing entrance consisting of large wooden planks leads to a wonderful home. High quality materials and remarkable construction makes this home an exceptional architectural find. Minimal exterior design is complimented well with the stunning interiors of the home. Learn more about the Lau Sun House at Kyson Design.

lau sun house 003 architecture

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