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Mirror Image

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Finally, the capability to have a television anywhere you can think of! Anywhere you can put a mirror you can view a TV. No more having to find a place and the space to put the television, it goes right in the mirror. That’s both space-saving and attractive, ideal for small spaces. DND Casa takes what can sometimes be a design eyesore, the television, and combines it with other products making it functional appropriate art.

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By using Ad Notam mirror technology, design is taking on a new form. Ad Notam has transformed the ordinary mirror. The mirror has become sleek, sophisticated and multifunctional. You will be able to find dozens of uses for the mirrored television in residential and commercial projects. Learn more about this spectacular product at Ad Notam and DND Casa.

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  1. Will Noble Says:

    ad notam and DND Casa solutions are stunning. In the UK you can source these products through Simply Mirror TV. They are the authorised partner for the UK and specialise in nothing-but mirror and designer LCD televisions.

  2. Elizabeth M. Says:

    I love that idea!

  3. M48 Says:

    I want one!

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