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Centro Amadip Creates a Serene Refuge for the Intellectually Disabled

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Centro AMADIP, designed by Juan Alba and Ester Morro, is a cooking school and cafe in Calvià, run by a foundation dedicated to people with intellectual disabilities.

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The Palmanova center arose from the idea of ​​giving such people training in cooking and running the cafe, working together in a professional occupation.

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The light-filled, tranquil setting is conducive to a peaceful life for its clients.

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Its generous and simple clean lines create an atmosphere of reliability and consistency, where they can live together in harmony over an extended period of time.

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You can almost smell the calming lavender peacefully growing in the well tended beds.

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Sited in Spain’s sunbaked Mallorca region, the site gets abundant sunshine.

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In this gentle space, people with intellectual disabilities should feel free.

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A huge central courtyard supplies an always-there square central cutout offering up Spain’s always blue skies.

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Centro Amadip is on the edge of a crowded tourist area, with a good source of potential customers.

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Offering the tourists respite from the ever-present sun, cool outdoor seating is shaded by a copious black canopy set by rich wooden frames.

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The center provides the relief of a tranquil cafe for a leisurely bite in the afternoon.

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