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Design Trend: Impact Windows Become Essential with Climate Change



There’s no denying it. Climate change is here. And as the reality of larger and more intense storms sinks in, smart homeowners, particularly those along the southern coast, are looking for ways to make their homes more secure when the inevitable hits.  One of the best solutions is also the simplest — impact windowsboasting the ability to stand up to anything Hurricanes Arthur, Sandy, Tom, Dick or Harry, can dish out.

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Here’s a quick primer on what impact windows are, and how they can be an essential measure to protecting your home if you happen to live in a hurricane zone:

What are impact windows?

Impact windows (sometimes referred to as “hurricane windows”) are made with “impact resistant glass” comprised of two glass sheets sandwiching an exceptionally strong polymer interior layer. This “interlayer” means the glass won’t break into dangerous shards when hit. Instead, the glass, even if cracked, stays together, eliminating the need for protective storm shutters. (A huge time saver for anyone who has spent hours mounting storm shutters or boarding up windows).  Impact resistant glass can withstand the equivalent impact of a 2×4 travelling at 50 feet per second, which also means it’s great protection against your neighbor’s rock-throwing kids!

Do impact windows have benefits beyond storms?

Yes! This type of window helps prevent forced entry in a home as the inner layer is not easily penetrated, even if the glass is shattered.  It can be a great option for those who are concerned with home security but who don’t want to mount unsightly bars. In addition, many brands of impact windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The double pane insulates the inside temperature from the outside, reducing harmful UV rays, external noise, and your air-conditioning bill.  You can’t ask more than that from a couple of sheets of glass. Another fantastic benefit of impact windows is the added value to your property, and a possible reduction in hefty insurance premiums.

What about style?

Like orthopedic shoes and compression hosiery, you’d imagine that anything so practical would also have to be ugly. That’s another great feature of impact windows. It can be just as beautiful and elegant as any other type of window. Check out these beauties from Vico Windows Inc, based in South Florida.


Impact windows can be ordered in any finish or architectural style you desire. They come not only as windows, but as doors. The door below was also done by Vico Windows.



So if you’re a coastal dweller and concerned about increasing storm activity, it makes all the sense in the world to check into impact windows. While they cannot completely remove the danger and damage from the next tropical storm or hurricane, they can help minimize potential damage and help you breathe a little easier. And between storms, you’ll enjoy UV resistant glass that provides enough insulation to keep your home cooler during hot summers. Now that’s a bargain.


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