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Design Trend: Tired of Granite? Try a Glass Countertop!

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Visit a few new kitchen remodels these days and you’ll quickly notice they have one thing in common: granite countertops. In fact, the look, which you’ll see everywhere from luxury model homes to modest rentals and mobile homes, has become so ubiquitous that it’s also  become, frankly, boring.  So if you’re about to remodel your kitchen and you’re looking for a look that is a little less run-of-the-mill, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Try glass!

Check out how great glass countertops look in two kitchens, above and below, by CGD Glass Countertops. The first glass countertop incorporates an opaque, frosted look. It is sleekly minimal, extremely elegant, and it makes a statement without looking desperate.  The second glass kitchen countertop, below, uses more texture and sheen for a splashier look, suggestive of water. A glass backsplash lends added punch.

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Glass has a lot of advantages compared to many other materials. It’s easy to maintain, is not porous, is hygenic, and stain resistant too! That means, unlike a porous stone like marble and granite that needs to be resealed from time to time, you’ll never have to worry about wine stains, tomato sauce or water marks. And though you might think of glass as a delicate material prone to cracks, chips and breaking, it turns out that glass is highly durable, equivalent to the strength of marble and granite. And if, by chance, you should accidentally sit a hot pan on your counter, you won’t have to worry about scorching, burning, or melting. The only other product that compares in durability is quartz.  And here’s another major plus: glass kitchen countertops are easy to customize. For example, CGD Glass Countertops allows you to choose between glass types (aqua clear glass or ultra clear glass) as well as  nearly a dozen types of texture (sandstorm, pixel, linear, to name a few) and nearly 50 different colors. You can often get a more varied look with glass than you could get with stone. Below, see two examples. The first appears to be “Sky Blue” in a “Melting Ice” finish, which is backlit for a little more drama.

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The second look is a very smooth and polished and appears to be back painted Dark Beige, with nearly a metallic look:

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The amount of variation in looks is pretty amazing, isn’t it? And just because we’ve only looked at kitchens so far, don’t think that glass countertops are limited to the kitchen. You can use them on any counter, from kitchen islands, bars and tables, to bathrooms. Below are two bathroom looks. The first, a textured green glass is suggestive of a refreshing dip in Caribbean waters, not a bad way to be greeted every morning!

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And below, the turquoise blue of this glass bathroom countertop is like taking a dip in a pool!

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Finally, there’s another major advantage to glass: Unlike granite and marble, which involves carving a limited resource out of the earth, glass is a recyclable, sustainable material. If you should ever change your countertop, you can take satisfaction in knowing that it will not be headed to a landfill. So not only will a glass countertop help you stand out from the crowd, but you can also feel good about doing your part for the planet. That makes glass a “clear” winner!

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