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Design Trend: Travertine Moves Indoors

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Travertine pavers are classic at poolside or on patios, where the stone’s textured surface provides a firm non-slip grip for those with wet feet. But what works outside also works inside, and increasingly homeowners are opting for travertine indoors, not only in places like bathrooms, where a textured tile comes in handy, but also in hallways, entryways, kitchens and dens. Why is travertine gaining popularity indoors? Simply, the stone exudes elegant timelessness. The color is warm and soft, the texture a bit rough, and the overall feeling is one of luxurious durability. Yes, marble is nice, but it’s overdone. Travertine, on the other hand, provides that same sense of opulence but in an understated —and unexpected —way.

Because of its connotation of affluence and refinement, many homeowners use travertine tile as a wall cladding, particularly in areas like bathrooms. Unlike marble, which is cool and smooth to the touch, travertine’s texture and creamy colors, suggest warmth. It’s rock hard permanence and soft coziness at one and the same time.

The bathroom below, like the one above, also utilizes travertine as a shower surround and floor. With any other material, a large shower stall like this might have felt clinical, but travertine has a way of softening the hard edges.


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You’ll often see travertine used both as wall cladding and flooring in entryways, hallways and sometimes on staircases. There are two reasons for this. One, it is a hard-wearing stone that withstands foot traffic well. In fact, the stones were used in public spaces in ancient Rome. (And more than two thousand years later, they’re still in place, by the way.) But travertine also suggests sumptuous, refined splendor precisely because travertine tiles can be quite expensive. For that reason, they can be a great choice in very public areas of the home where it’s nice to show off a little. Below, the travertine tile wall cladding and flooring convey a sense of extravagant sophistication. These homeowners also might have opted for travertine stair treads, a perfect choice for a place where footing needs to be secure.

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Travertine tiles are great for kitchens because they tend not to be as slippery as other types of stone. The creamy hues of the travertine in the kitchen below, really plays well with  the cream tones of the cabinetry.  This is a style of kitchen that will never go out of style.

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But travertine, in a different color, can also hold its own in modern kitchens, as you can see below. A gray travertine looks just right in the sleek Eurostyle kitchen below.


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If you opt for this stone, you’ll find that contractors love to work with the stuff, since it can easily be cut to fit into nooks and crannies, making it perfect for small and oddly-shaped spaces.

Below, another modern kitchen uses travertine successfully.


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Are you interested in learning more about travertine for your next indoor remodeling project? Check out for information on installation, maintenance, design ideas, advice, as well as the pros and cons and history of this beautiful and elegant material.

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