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Eight Tips to an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

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Just about all of us these days are concerned with going “green.” We want healthy lives and a healthier planet too! The bedroom is a natural space to embrace environmental friendliness. After all, sleep is all about replenishing the body and spirit in a peaceful, soothing and hopefully healthy environment. A good night’s sleep is critical to both physical and mental health and can ensure your happiness and productivity throughout the next day.  So want to go green in the bedroom? Here’s how:

  1. Choose an eco-friendly bed.  The bed, of course, is the most important element of the bedroom. It’s the place to start if you want to go green. Today, you’ve got options as many beds today are constructed of sustainable materials like bamboo. Check out eco-friendly beds at PlatformBedsOnline. There, in addition to finding natural wood frames of sustainable woods, you can find matresses, bed sheets and blankets out of natural, sustainable materials, like wool or cotton.
  2. Choose pillows of original organic cotton and wool.  Not all pillows are made equally. Some natural materials like goose down can provoke allergies, while other pillows with synthetic filler are not necessarily antimicrobial or may contain chemical traces that are not healthy to sleep on.
  3. Opt for natural woods. When it comes to going green, don’t stop at choosing a bed of sustainable wood — choose nightstands, and dressers of natural woods too. Aside from using wood from sustainable trees, eco-friendly furniture uses less toxic glue and chemicals
  4. Add plants. Plants have two benefits. First, they actually help purify the air by absorbing gases through pores on the surface of their leaves. Scientists say that houseplants can absorb a long list of volatile organic compounds, including Benzene found in some plastics, fabrics, pesticides and cigarette smoke, and formaldehyde Second, plants create a natural, outdoorsy feeling. And again, science has shown that people that spend some time in nature each day heal faster than those who don’t.
  5. Use safe paints. Speaking of volatile organic compounds, you’ll want to avoid toxic paints and wall finishes. Always check before you buy  to make sure you are choosing a paint brand with low VOCs.
  6. Add an air purifier. It will improve the air quality in your bedroom and help you get a better night’s sleep.
  7. Choose natural-fiber rugs, or don’t use rugs at all. Choosing natural fibers or going rugless ensure that you avoid all those nasty chemicals found in rugs of synthetic fibers.
  8. Add candles of organic substances. Candles help provide a restful, relaxing and romantic atmosphere. When you add them, choose those made of vegetable wax or beeswax. If you use air fresheners, opt for natural ones.

Finally, as you enjoy your environmentally-friendly bedroom, don’t forget to keep it clean and tidy. Regularly cleaning your bedroom removes dust mites and will help you breathe, and sleep easier!

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