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Chillchaser Patio Heaters Chase The Chill Away

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As its name implies, Chillchaser chases away cold. The UK-based company offers three exciting and eco-friendly patio heaters – Neptune, Zeus and Poseidon. The heating system of the designer home appliances consists of a carbon fibre heating – a system used in hospitals, it offers a natural and healthy form of heat. Some of the features of the modern patio heaters are focused infrared heating, up to 4 meters effective heating area at 110° angle, automatic ON/OFF switch depending on peoples proximity and remote control; Poseidon also offers also a built in media player. Contemporary design, zero CO2 emissions, versatile heating options ad lots of other features – not bad for a “simple” heater.

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  1. Daniel Says:

    Sorry, but unless these are solar-powered (or other renewable) there is no way these are eco-friendly. "Heating" a patio is simply a way of pumping energy into the atmosphere, energy which in most countries would be produced by burning non-renewable fuels.


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