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Un-Building Should Be Just as Green

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Forget green building. Here’s a company that specializes in green unbuilding.

DeConstruction Services is a unique company that specializes in carefully disassembling residential and small commercial buildings in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  This fine old Virginia house was carefully deconstructed to salvage its still usable parts.

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We are used to seeing the process of how a house is built green, starting from nothing. But here’s what the process looks like in reverse. This no longer fashionable older kitchen is carefully taken apart, piece by piece.

DeconstructionServices3 green
Everything that can be reused is saved.

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The company is typically able to recycle or reclaim for reuse approximately 80% of the structure and its now unwanted contents.

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This process makes available used building materials at greatly reduced prices to homeowners, re-modelers, landlords, and rental management companies.

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The company creates new, stable jobs in a growing “green collar” industry, providing trade skills and permanent employment for at-risk workers.

DeconstructionServices7 green
With the green un-building salvage operation completed, now the (equally green; one hopes!) renovation can begin.

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2 Comments so far to “Un-Building Should Be Just as Green”
  1. Sally@DivineDistractions Says:

    Such a valuable service! I love using reclaimed wood in projects, and it's nice to know that it will be readily available in years to come.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lightopia Says:

    Fantastic! I wonder if I can find a company like that in my area?

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