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Designer radiators – a true work of art

rad1 appliances designer radiators by Cordivari

Regarded as something conventional and not very attractive, radiators are often hidden because of their unpleasing looks. However, this is about to change. Designers’ imagination knows no boundaries and has grown enough to make out of radiators something sophisticated and beautiful – a true work of art. These heating sources’ forms and element connections are so unusual that it is hard to grasp their purpose at first sight. You will recognize them by their lightweight structure, quality finishing and most of all their originality. Whether it is a relief picture on the wall, a sculpture or even a chaise-longue, the “artistic” radiator will surely bring lots of warmth – to you and to your home’s interior.

rad4 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad3 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad5 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad2 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad8 appliancesdesigner radiators by Designer warmth

rad9 appliancesdesigner radiators by Designer Warmth

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