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    Designer radiators – a true work of art

    designer radiators by Cordivari Regarded as something conventional and not very attractive, radiators are often hidden because of their unpleasing looks. However, this is about to change. Designers’ imagination knows no boundaries and has grown enough to make out of radiators something sophisticated and beautiful – a true work of art. These heating sources’ forms […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Fireplaces From Chazelles

    Fireplaces From Chazelles

    Chazelles is a company you may not have heard of yet, but they are making some truly innovative steps in interior design and offer a range of interesting, fresh and high-quality products. In this post the focus will be on their fireplaces which are definitely some of their best products.

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  • Thumbnail image of Take A Peek At This Gem

    Take A Peek At This Gem

    This site Deltacalor, is making some interesting moves in the world of heating. All of its pieces have been designed not only to provide heat to your home, but also to add a pinch of style and a dash of sophistication to your bathroom.

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